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If you and your clients would benefit from understanding their traits and/or relationship, you can assist them by utilizing our detailed analytic personality and relationship reports.

  • All you must do is:
    • Provide the client the URL for the administration website and the code for the report to be prepared.
    • Collect the client’s payment or let us collect it.
  • We will:
    • Administer the personality test (ACL) online
    • Immediately process submitted test data
      • it is scored
      • the personalized password-protected report prepared
      • the password and report emailed to you

We can provide our service to your clients who will use the administration website: Basically, anyone age 13 up.

You can review:

  • Sample reports by clicking their links on the Samples page.
  • You may also try out the assessment and reporting service without charge by clicking the TRY IT link on the Contact  page. This will take you to the demographic and administration forms; your password protected report will be returned by email
  • The report you will receive illustrates what you could have to work with and assist your clients.

Please contact me if you are interested or for further information:

Daniel R. Collins, Ed.D.


Williamsburg, VA  23185