The easily completed (select from a list of adjectives those that describe you) personality test we use and has been used for personality measurement and description for over 70 years.

You will be provided the option of completing the test to obtain a (1) personality report describing yourself or (2) a relationship report describing you and another person.

You will be asked to provide your (1) name, (2) gender, (3) email address and (4) the email address to which the report should be emailed, and other optional demographic information. The first four are required and the remaining demographic information is optional. For the relationship report you will each be asked for this information.

Most people complete the test in 20 to 30 minutes. For the personality report: You will be asked to select adjectives that describe you from a list of 300; and then you will be asked to go through the list again and de-select those that you do not want to describe you and select additional adjectives that you would like to describe you. The first set of adjectives is descriptive of your present behavior while the second set describe your preferred behavior, the way you would like to be. For the relationship report: You will each be asked to select adjectives that describe you from a list of 300.